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Design it. Create it . Celebrate it!

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    My biggest wish  for you my friend is that you may find joy in the textures, tastes, smells and sights of simple life coupled with intention and love for history. I found purpose in facilitating creativity and joyful memories, it is the fuel that keeps me going and I hope to spark that passion in you. 

    Join me here to follow my journey of simple living or better yet come take part at one of my workshops to get your inner creative out . I truly believe creativity is skill we are born with, we just need to create the opportunity for it to grow. If we make life around us beautiful ....oh what a beautiful life it will be!


                                               With much love, 



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I would love to share with you simple solutions for day to day living, gardening, raising kids and living a meaningful life in this crazy world..let's chat!

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