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About me

Our conference is where leaders and innovators meet to share, inspire and network. We’re proud to host some of the most well-known and influential voices in the field. This year’s schedule is more packed than ever before with exceptional lectures, sessions and off-site activities. Registration is underway, so book your ticket today!

       My name is Anastassia, as you can probably tell just by that my roots lie in Russia but I call Ontario Canada my home sweet home. The love of my life, our two sweet girls and more than a handful of critters live at Our little SaltBox where we plan on designing, creating and celebrating a beautiful life for us and others to enjoy. Armed with my Schooling, experiences and passion I am setting forth on a journey of re-inventing what it means to work from home. Join me as I share with you my dream of creating a place that celebrates creativity, healthy living and beauty. I am, like many of you a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a creator...and like many of you I have a past, a present and future. I created this space for us to honor the past, enjoy the present together and dream of the future. I am so happy to meet you!



                         With much love 



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