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Somewhere down the Line.....

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Somewhere down the Line...Line 4 to be exact I found a home. A home I fell in love with instantly and the first thing I did once I parked my car in the drive way for the open house was..cry.....I cried because I was happy....I was so full of good feelings about this little old home without even having stepped in the door that I could not contain my emotions and I just let it all out in tears...and for those who know me, and my struggles emotionally after losing my brother, this was big, this was monumental to me. If you call it luck call it luck, if you call it coincidence call it that, but for me it was purely God's grace that helped us call this place home (but that is another story for another time).

Fast forward to present day and I am still walking down the stairs touching the walls everyday saying "thank you"..thank you to the "Man Upstairs", and thank you to this old home who's walls have stood strong since 1840, and who's floors have endured the weight of families and friends over decades. I am so grateful to be able to raise my family here among the corn fields surrounded by the kindest neighbor's and enjoying small town life, is there any better living then country living? Amen.

Not long after we had settled in I was told by a neighbor that our house was unique in this area and is what architects refer to as a "saltbox" home. You may be familiar with those cute little containers some people have around their kitchens to house salt at an arms reach, well that is just where it got the name from and the style became popular to bypass the new taxes on 2 story dwellings hence the "1.5" in documents. And so "Our Little SaltBox" was born...well..not really. I mean the idea behind the name came much earlier.

You see I come from a line of dressmakers, my mother was a dressmaker, my mothers mother was a dressmaker and it seemed only natural that I too continue the line of being a dressmaker..I had the passion for it, the talent and I grew up among the buttons, napping on folded yards of fabric so it only seemed right. I followed this calling to study fashion design at Ryerson University and graduated with a Bachelors in Design. I loved to sew, to create something from nothing thrilled me, but what really brought me joy was my customers. Having the skill to make someone feel more beautiful, confident, and happy is truly a blessing and I did not take it lightly. I would work for hours and hours trying to do "my best" because I felt so responsible, I knew that my work helped them...whether it be making a size 3 dress fit a size 10 woman, or creating a way for someone with a physical disability or medical inconvenience to be able to get dressed with ease, beauty and comfort was truly an honor. It all seemed possible and it all was...that was what I loved about it..I didn't like the actual fashion fact I would go so far as to say that I hate it. Having studied the inner workings of what is a very money lucrative, environmentally devastating and ultimately socially irresponsible industry it broke my moral compass code and so I stayed in the sidelines of it by doing custom and repair work, dressing and assisting weddings, along with creating one offs.

But it would be my customers that guided me into doing what I now understand to be my "calling". I love all things natural, crafty, home made and intentional. I truly believe it is our duty to spread good around us and with this home, this little old home and piece of land, I believe I have found a way to do just that. Our first Easter here at the farmhouse opened my eyes to the possibility that I have more to give.I enjoyed hosting so much, opening our home to others I relished in the happy faces, good conversation and just the feeling that "everyone was having a great time", wether it be enjoying the country side, the homey food or the new connections..that's when it hit me..."I want to create this for everyone, to create a space were people can feel comfortable to be creative, to enjoy good food and good conversation, to learn new skills and feel encouraged to pursue theirs dreams and above all else enjoy the healthy benefits of life in the countryside. It was only later that moment that I connected the idea with the name.

Our Little SaltBox is just that, a place I pour out my heart, knowledge and creativity. A place to gather and connect with like minded individuals about homemaking, gardening, painting, creating. A place to grow a as a mother, a daughter, a wife and Entrepreneur. So Welcome to my journey into starting a new career, I am scared, excited and feeling the most uncomfortable I have felt in a long time but deep down inside I know amazing things are about to happen. So instead of starting this blog and shop and all that this is when everything is off and running I thought I would start it deep in the mud, so that hopefully all of the mistakes I make along the way will be ones you don't need to, so that all of the achievements will you give encouragement that you can too, so that my girls will one day see how it all started. This entry was wordy, I promise the next won't be quiet so long but we all have to start somewhere right? And somewhere down the line we have to make a move...this is mine...Welcome!

"The more we create beauty around us, the more beautiful our life will's contagious"

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